Life is full of twist and turns and so this website has been used for many different purposes.  God has been good to me over the years and I wanted to share a little about what has been going on.  This was the first website I put together back in 2005.  At the time, I knew very little to nothing about web design and so I began here.  I had written several short writings that were spiritual/theological in nature and this became my outlet for sharing things with others.  At the time, blogs were just getting popular and I didn’t really know much about blogs otherwise I suppose I might have made this a blog.  Nevertheless, I also posted several other little things such as pictures, music, and sermons that I shared with others.  It was kind of a testing ground as I was learning more about the web and wanting to encourage Christians to walk with God.

Around the same time I also started another website called  This was a small music website that I made in Microsoft Word.  The music on the site was from friends that I knew from across the country.  There were maybe 100 songs or less on the site when it first got started, but now it has grown to have over 1,500 songs on it (January 2012).  This music ministry site has also branched out to other Godly Christian Websites as well including and  When I launched, it did take long for me to transfer the content that had been accumulated on and move it to 

While I was working on launching, I was also finishing up a book that I had been writing entitled, “Find Life: a journey through 1 John”.  This book is a devotional that breaks up 1 John in to a 40 day study.  Obviously, 1 John is a short book, but the idea of breaking it up into small sections was intended to help people digest and meditate on the whole book thoroughly.  The book is currently available in download and print and can be found at

Over the last while I have also started up a business called Finest Studios.  Finest Studios is a full multimedia business offering services to in Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Animations, Web Development, Computer Programming, Audio Productions, and Video Productions.  I have spent several years developing each of these skills while I have been working at a Children’s Home.  In mid 2011, I decided to start launching out and doing work for people in these areas with great success.  My business website is  Though I have done a lot of travelling doing photography, my main servicing area is South East Missouri including cities such as: St Louis (Saint Louis), Cape Girardeau, Farmington, Poplar Bluff, Festus, Park Hills, Fredericktown, Perryville, Ironton, and more…

The Lord has been very faithful to provide for all my needs and has given me many good friends whom I cherish and love very deeply.  Over the next several years I hope to continue working with the internet ministries, developing Finest Studios, and becoming more like Jesus Christ.  My Lord is worthy of greatest honor and I love Him very much.  If you haven’t know the Lord in such a way that changes your life I encourage you to go to

May you have a very blessed day,

Peter John Schrock


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